All of the club representatives have already seen and commented on these, but they are not chiseled in stone. We definitely anticipate some additional changes for next year, so please make sure to post comments and let your club representatives know what changes you’d like to see (or even better let us know if you think we’re at least close!). Florida Homebrew Competition Circuit Rules and Charter The mission of the Florida Competition Circuit is to promote friendly competition between Florida homebrew clubs and individual homebrewers. Each year the circuit will track points for all member competitions and individual brewers and award a Best Florida Homebrewer and Best Florida Homebrew Club award. Circuit Member Clubs All AHA sanctioned Florida Homebrew Clubs are eligible to participate in the Circuit Eligible Individuals Must be a Florida resident and a member of any AHA sanctioned Florida Homebrew Club Eligible Competitions Any competition conducted by an eligible Florida club which meets the following criteria will be considered an eligible competition for circuit points

1. The competition must include all current BJCP categories without any additional riders (i.e. All BJCP categories, but recipe must contain coffee)

2. The competition must be open to all Florida homebrewers.

3. The competition must be conducted in accordance with BJCP competition guidelines. It is also desirable, but not required, that competitions utilize the FL Brewer online registration system and associated competition software (BrewComp) to make point calculation and maintenance simpler.

Additionally, the AHA regional and AHA National competitions will be included for both individual and club points using the standard point schedule for all competitions. Composition and Purpose of the Florida Homebrew Circuit Board The Florida Homebrew Circuit board shall be comprised of one individual per club, plus one individual per eligible competition. If clubs choose they may have a single person represent both the club and competition on the board. The current member clubs and competitions are listed in Appendix A. The purpose of the Circuit Board is to establish the rules under which the circuit will operate, to calculate and maintain the individual and club points, and to resolve any disputes among individuals or clubs as relates to the circuit. All board decisions, except those noted elsewhere, will require a simple majority to pass. Votes may be called at a physical meeting of the board as long as a two thirds quorum of the available votes are present. Votes may also be conducted via the Circuit Facebook Group ( Point Calculation\r\n Points will be awarded based medals awarded in each competition utilizing the following schedule:


Gold 3 Silver 2 Bronze 1 BoS Beer Gold 3 BoS Beer Silver 2 BoS Beer Bronze 1 BoS Mead/Cider Gold 1 BoS Mead/Cider Silver 0 BoS Mead/Cider Bronze 0 Points will only be awarded in standard BJCP categories. Points will not be awarded in competition unique categories (i.e. Best Chocolate Beer, Best Prison Hooch). Individual competitions may combine or split categories as they see fit and points will be awarded based on these split/combined categories. Points will be awarded to individual brewers or teams. Co-brewers will not be eligible for points. If two or more individuals brew and enter as a team, that team will be considered as an individual for the purposes of point awards. If one of the team members then brews and enters with  another team, or as an individual, then points awarded will not go to the original team. For example: Fred and Barney are a brewing team and always brew and enter together (Frarney Rubblstone). So all points awarded would go to the team. If Fred were then to brew and enter alone, his points would be considered separate and distinct from those of Frarney Rubblstone. Clubs will receive points based on entries awarded to individuals and teams entering under their club. If individuals belong to and register as more than one club, their points will go the the club associated with that particular entry. For example if Fred entered three (3) of his entries under DBG and two (2) under CFHB, then DBG would get points for the DBG entries and CFHB would get points for the CFHB entries. In addition to points for medals, clubs may also receive points for participating as judges and stewards in other clubs competitions. Points for judging /stewarding will be based on the BJCP competition guidelines. Calculation of these judge/steward points will begin in the 2008 circuit  season. Again, it is desirable, but not required, that clubs use BrewComp to conduct their competitions as it allows for automatically tracking and calculating these points Common Rules In addition to the rules outlined above, it is desirable that there be certain rules common to all Florida Homebrew Circuit member competitions. Below is a list of these rules, along with the year they were adopted: 2008 – Brewers shall be limited to two entries per sub-category for all categoires 19 and below. For categories 20 and above there is no limit imposed by the Florida Circuit, but individual competitions may impose their own limits if they choose. Circuit Calendar The circuit calendar will run in conjunction with the calendar year. The awarding of Florida Homebrewer and Florida Homebrew Club of the year will occur at the culminating competition, Sunshine Challenge. Disciplinary Actions While it is assumed that all clubs and individuals will compete in the spirit of open and fair competition, there always exists the possibility for abuses. While it is hoped that these remedies will never be required, it is better to define them now rather than try to retrofit them if an issue does occur. Any disciplinary action will require a two thirds (2/3) vote of the full Circuit Board. Disciplinary actions can range from removal of points, disqualification of individuals or clubs for a circuit season, or removal of a competition, club, or individual from circuit eligibility. Actions should be commiserate with the severity of the offense.

Appendix A

Eligible Florida Clubs All AHA sanctioned Florida Homebrew Clubs are eligible to participate in the Circuit

Eligible Competitions

Coconut Cup
Hurricane Blowoff

Hot ’N Humid Brew-Off
Sunshine Challenge
Commander SAAZ
Hogtown Brew-Off
First Coast Cup